Torre de Fullola: The History Behind the Name of Cova Fullola

Ever wondered how we got our name? Cova Fullola (Fu-yo-la)

Our farm takes its name from the nearby medieval village of Fullola which although it is long abandoned now, was well established in the 1200s and abandoned by the 19th century. The remains of the village now consists of a few ruined settlements, a church with crumbling ivy-covered arches, the huge stone font still in the corner and a large leaning watch tower, the 'Torre de Fullola' (pictured). It is a very romantic place to visit when you come to our grove

The village allegedly sheltered the inhabitants of the nearby coastal town, El Perello, during periods of attack from pirates and fire was lit at the top of the tower to pass along warnings to other towers nearby. Now the only watchful eyes gazing out from the tower belong to a parliament of owls.

The olive trees that we harvest, love and care for were most certainly planted and tended whilst Fullola was a living settlement. Some of our oldest trees have been estimated to be around 500 years old, history is alive here and the sense of the past is palpable, making us feel that we are a very small and humble part of the story of this land. It is an honor to manage these trees, doing what we can to ensure they live in the healthiest possible ecosystem. We care for them with their ongoing longevity as our primary focus (rather than maximum fruit production), taking a much more holistic approach to pruning than traditional and popular methods.. We take into account the increasing power and intensity of the suns rays, and deliberately promote 'less productive' growth in areas to shade the trunk and ground around the trees.

The 'Cova' part of our name is taken from older maps, where our valley is called Cova Fumada but we decided against using this name as it is the name of our lovely neighbours' organic grove and award winning oil.

We also like 'Cova' (meaning Cave in Catalan) as it describes the enclosed nature of the topography of the valley. It feels like you are

being held by the earth at Cova Fullola.

We believe there must be a secret cave hidden deep within, having found many enticing signs such as small caves, deep overhangs, and blocks of fossilised stalagmites. The story of the rocks and soil is literally a fundamental part of the story of Cova Fullola, but that is for another day...

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