Our Olive Oil: Designing Our Labels

What's behind the design of our labels?

A lot of time and thought went in to the final design of our labels for our extra virgin olive oil. We really wanted our labels to illustrate the biodiversity here at Cova Fullola, and our passion for producing great olive oil and ecological approaches in caring for the land.

From all 3 of our harvests we only packaged up 920 tins in total, and we are proud of each and every one of them.

Each tin of our olive oil has a batch number and a bottle number, which we chose to hand write to reflect our respect for the olive oil produced by our trees. By including the bottle number on each tin we hoped to highlight that we are only a small batch producer.

We love the addition of a silhouette of the hoopoe ("puput" in Catalan) as this magnificent bird is a regular visitor here at Cova Fullola. The hoopoe migrates here from Northern Africa every year and we feel that its presence signifies the biodiversity here with the land providing it with an abundance of food and safe places to shelter.

Also, as we do not use any machinery, our approaches to harvesting and farming are cruelty free providing a safe place for much wildlife to visit and thrive. We will share more information about this soon!

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