Dry Stone Walls: Connecting with History at Cova Fullola

Here at Cova Fullola we do more than make delicious oil.

We are lucky enough to have (literally) kilometres of ancient dry stone terrace walls which support a huge diversity of small animals, insects, snakes, lizards, mosses, lichens, succulents and even the occasional fig tree.

We believe that restoring and maintaining these walls are incredibly important, not just for habitat creation but as a way to control erosion, maximize space and allow us to cultivate marginal land.

The knowledge of stone walls and terracing came with the Moors who brought with them many clever and creative ways to make the most of marginal land and small amounts of water. The word in Catalan for the stone walls is 'Muro' which hints at their origin and history. We work very hard here to maintain our ancient terrace walls, learning local techniques to rebuild and maintain them. The industrialization of olive farming has seen a shift of focus away from the land and towards efficiency and profit.

We are proud to farm holistically, caring not just for our trees but our walls and history. The walls are a haven for animals and insects and support a huge amount of biodiversity which makes Cova Fullola such a special place.

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