We have been very fortunate this year, as our ancient olive trees have gifted us with an abundance of our very own ecologically and sustainably grown olive oil. Our hard work and love for the trees has been repaid this year by three bountiful harvests. To find out more about the way we farm and harvest the olives click here!

Our olive oil is the best we have ever tasted and as good as it gets! It's a next level unique flavour experience, and so very good for you. Carefully hand picked by us with the help of friends and volunteers, solely from our farm in Catalonia and cold extracted by a clean, modern method of centrifuge in a nearby village, we have not one but two different flavours of oil; an early and a late harvest, plus a secret-not-so-secret third harvest, which we are calling 'Farmer's Reserve' of which we only have a very small amount available as part of the taster package. To go directly to the price list and order form click HERE.

The early harvest

The early harvest. Made on the 7th November 2019 and comprised of almost all green olives from the local ancient varieties which grow solely in this area. This oil has a fresh taste with hints of green apple, leaves, and packs a peppery punch; eating this oil will make you feel like a superhero.

The Late harvest

The late harvest. Made on the 20th November is comprised of a blend of both green and riper olives (our varieties turn from green, to a deep purpley red, to black over time).  With a fruity aroma, this oil has a soft, creamy texture followed by notes of green almonds.  This oil is the perfect balance between the feisty and fresh first harvest, and the silky, buttery mellowness of the farmer's reserve third harvest.

the farmer's harvest

The Farmer's Reserve is a very small batch consisting of mostly black, juicy and rich olives made on the 29th November. It is luxuriously golden and smooth, but still has a little kick of it's own that arrives late on the palette. This is only available in 250ml as part of the taster package.


A bit more about our oil...

All of our harvests come from four varieties of olive trees which live here on our finca. Our main varieties, Morruda and Sevillenca, are both D.O.P (Protected Designation of Origin) in the Baix-Ebre region where we are based and have a long history of cultivation in this area. We also have a small amount of young Arbequina and ancient Farga olive trees.


Our oil is raw and unfiltered. We have chosen to wait for 2 months after extraction before pouring it off of the sediment.  This allows the oil to settle to ensure a higher quality of oil with greater longevity of flavour.


We are breaking with the tradition of glass bottles for olive oil and have chosen tins for a few reasons. They protect the olive oil from sun light, which is the single most damaging factor to olive oil's colour, flavour and quality. Tins are also the most environmentally friendly option, taking a lot less energy to recycle than glass, so please recycle or reuse the beautiful tin, or you could even hang on to it and we might be able to refill it in the future.


Due to the natural fruiting cycles of the trees it is not certain when we will next have enough of a surplus to sell, so this is a very special opportunity for you to taste and enjoy real, fresh olive oil.  If you would like to order some of our delicious oil then please click here for more information


It has been an incredible journey of such adventure and learning since we came to this wild valley in 2016. The way we have learnt to care for the olive grove has been central to this, and the trees continue to amaze and teach us. Now we have pruned the trees, the cycle continues...  we are making charcoal to nourish the earth, and are honoured to be a part of this flowing cycle of enrichment of soil and regenerative, beyond organic agriculture. .

Thanks for supporting us! If you have any questions or want to know more about what we do here at Cova Fullola please get in touch at covafullola@gmail.com