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Our Oil

We are very grateful that our ancient olive trees gift us with an abundance of delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The trees at Cova Fullola are ecologically grown, picked by hand and cold extracted in a local centrifugal mill.

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The varieties of olives

All of our harvests come from four varieties of olive trees which live here on our finca. Our main varieties, Morruda and Sevillenca, are both D.O.P (Protected Designation of Origin) in the Baix-Ebre region and have a long history of cultivation in this area. We also have a small amount of young Arbequina (less than 100 years) and ancient Farga olive trees (more than 400 years).

Raw and unfiltered

Our oil is raw and unfiltered. We have chosen to wait for 2 months after extraction before pouring it off of the sediment. This allows the oil to settle to ensure a higher quality of oil with greater longevity of flavour. Enjoy Cova Fullola Olive Oil raw for the best flavour and optimum health benefits.


Sustainably packaged for quality and longevity

We are breaking with the tradition of glass bottles for olive oil and have chosen tins for a few reasons. They protect the olive oil from sun light, which is the single most damaging factor to olive oil's colour, flavour and quality. Tins are also the most environmentally friendly option, taking a lot less energy to recycle than glass, so please recycle or reuse the beautiful tin, or you could even hang on to it and we might be able to refill it in the future.

Ecologically grown.

We strongly believe in farming organically, however, official certification is very expensive and still allows some damaging practices. The cost of certification makes it financially impossible for most small producers. Organic certified farming is not inherently regenerative and permits destructive practices like ploughing, scraping and removing topsoil and the use of certain chemicals. We go beyond organic and only feed our trees with local manure, indigenous microbes and biochar. We trust that our customers will understand that the official 'organic' stamp is unnecessary, serving only profit, and that as we tell our story they will discern the production values of our oil as superior.


The Journey Continues

It has been an incredible journey of such adventure and learning since we came to this wild valley in 2016. The way we have learnt to care for the olive grove has been central to this, and the trees continue to amaze and teach us. The cycle continues...  We are completely honoured to be a part of this flowing cycle of enrichment of soil and regenerative, beyond organic agriculture.

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