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Our main priority is to support the rich abundance of species in this thriving ecosystem of forest and olive grove as it continues the journey of succession from the mono-culture of the past into further complexity.

So we learn the names of the plants, insects and animals all around us, observing differences year on year. We plant more trees and shrubs. We increase the water retention of the soil and we compost every crumb. 

If you would like to support our efforts and join in our mission, please consider donating to our tree planting project and buying our oil. 


Discover the infinite beauty and complexity of life...

When we moved here we were so excited to find many plants we had never seen or even heard of before, and began identifying and trying to remember the names of all our new friends.

Giving back

This biodiversity only occurs in the olive grove because we choose to farm in the way that we do, giving wild plants, insects, reptiles and mammals the best chance to survive and thrive. There is no reason why agriculture and nature cannot coexist in this way. When we eventually reach the end of our lives we will leave this soil nourished and fertile, rather than depleted and barren like the non-organic and intensive olive groves we see elsewhere.

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