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About Cova Fullola

Cova Fullola is our home, a beautiful, peaceful valley in the mountains of Southern Catalonia, nestled between the Ebro Delta National Park and the Els Ports National Park. We came here in 2016 to embark on the hugely fulfilling challenge of learning how to care for these 20 hectares of land, of which about 8 is currently productive olive grove. The rest is enclaves of mixed pine forest and abandoned olive grove...ancient terraces in the process of rewilding. We are in awe of the vastness and rich flora and fauna that live here, for us to discover, nurture and protect.


Our Mission

Our mission here is to help heal the land by farming with respect to nature, and to share what we learn. We live completely off grid and are working hard to become more self sufficient every day, growing food and developing our forest garden. We are following our dreams to live in harmony with nature; to care for, restore and cultivate this land. Farming our olive trees compassionately, and producing the best quality olive oil possible is a massive part of making this happen.  By buying our oil you are supporting the regeneration of the earth from the soil up. Click here to find out more about the way we harvest and how to get involved. Click here for more details about our delicious and nutritious oil and how to buy.

Connection with nature

We want to share the deep connection with nature that this amazing place can provide. It is our absolute pleasure and a vital component of our mission to facilitate this. We love running workshops to practically share what we have been learning as well as providing a variety of deeply meaningful, healing and intimate experiences with the wild for both groups and individuals. We are also improving access for enjoyable exploration of the valley by developing a network of coloured marked paths, so come and visit for a roam around... and remember to bring your walking boots!

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