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About our oil

Cova Fullola extra virgin olive oil is a unique flavour experience.

We carefully hand pick our beautiful Moruda and Sevillenca trees throughout the season each November with the help of friends and volunteers to bring both early and late harvests to your table. We take the olives solely from our farm in Catalonia to a nearby village for the oil to be cold extracted by the clean, modern method of centrifuge.


As the olives ripen from green to black, the flavours they offer in an oil range from peppery and fresh through to luxuriously buttery. The rich biodiversity of our ecologically and regeneratively managed olive grove host many wild aromatic plants that offer their subtle signature to the flavour profile of our olive oil. We love the difference in flavour between the harvests and finding new ways to create in the kitchen. We are sure you will too!


First Harvest

Harvested 24 - 27th October 2021. Extra early harvest of almost entirely green olives.

Healthy and packed full of life-giving properties such as antioxidants and polyphenols, this oil makes us feel we are being very good to ourselves whilst relishing the sensational flavour.

As this was our smallest harvest of the year it is only available in small tins.

This oil contains 7.2kg of olives per Litre

(13.7% oil content)

Early Harvest

Harvested 1st - 3rd November 2021

roughly three quarters green olives.


This oil is wonderfully peppery, green and fresh. Not as bitter as some early harvests, yet with gentle notes of rosemary and thyme, we recommend enjoying the robust flavour of this oil with good bread or pasta.

This oil contains 5.2kg of olives per Litre

(18% oil content)


Third Harvest

This was picked from the 7th-10th November.

With a a decadently rich and buttery mouth feel, this oil is deep and complex with a subtle peppery note.

Amazing on salty potatoes with garlic, as well as pizzas and salads.

This oil contains 5kg of olives per Litre

(20% oil content)

Late Harvest

Harvested 18th - 20th November

entirely ripe black olives


With a fruity aroma, this oil has a luxuriously soft,

creamy texture and a buttery mellowness to finish.

Here's a naughty secret... One of our favourite things to do with this oil is to mix it with melted dark chocolate to make a simple vegan ganache for a wickedly indulgent treat. Trust us and try it... it is too good for words!

This oil contains 4kg of olives per Litre

(23% oil content)

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