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Ecologically grown with love not pesticides

About Section

Who We Are

Hi, we are Nick and Silke. Cova Fullola is our home, a beautiful, peaceful valley in the mountains of Southern Catalonia, nestled between the Ebro Delta National Park and the Els Ports National Park.

What We Do

We believe that a healthy, vibrant and diverse ecosystem can provide everything that the trees require to thrive. We keep learning, doing all we can to regenerate the land and facilitate its natural resilience.


Our oil, hand picked
for you!

Ecologically grown with regenerative practices to support our thriving biodiversity. Explore our website to follow the journey of our olive oil from tree to table.


Want to know more?

Here at Cova Fullola, during harvest time and at other times throughout the year we welcome friends, volunteers and guests. We love to share the amazing beauty of this land and all we are learning with those that visit. 

To find out more about our accommodation and volunteering opportunities, please drop us a message!

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